1.  Get your hair and make-up professionally done!  This is your one special day, make sure you feel incredible!  A professional will know how to make your look last all day, and look the best for pictures.  Let me know if you need any recommendations!

2.  Pick your outfits out well before your session.  Follow my Pinterest board for inspiration and feel free to text me pictures beforehand to get my opinion!

3.  Try and stay away from wearing big logos, flip flops, or shorts.  And pick coordinating colors, not exact matching!

4.  Wear at least one outfit with long jeans, pants, dress, etc.  I will most likely have you sit or lay down for a variety of poses and you want to make sure your outfits allow you to do this comfortably.

5.  Bring a blanket to your session you can sit on.  Feel free to also bring any furniture or props, just let me know what you are planning so I can be prepared with ideas!

6.  Girls (especially for bridals and engagements) paint your nails!  I’ll be taking close ups of your ring and you don’t want chipped nail polish in those shots.

7.  Let me know what locations you are drawn to – whether it’s the desert, somewhere green, the lake, urban walls.  Many options are available nearby and it’s even possible to travel a little bit to use the perfect place.